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Crusted (Atypical )Scabies

(Maintain contact isolation until treatment is completed and/or case is determined by

dermatology consultant or other experienced designee to be non-infectious).

1. Assign patient to a private room. Restrict visitors until treatment regimen

completed; alternatively, require visitors to gown and glove as required for

contact isolation precautions. If resources permit, cohort employees to care for

this patient only (no other direct care responsibilities) until effective treatment is


2. HCWs must wear gloves and a long-sleeved gown with the wrist area covered

and shoe covers to attend to patient needs, for housekeeping duties, and

handling of laundry. Consider spraying pyrethrin insect repellent to wrist (edge of

glove and ribbing of sleeve area), arms and front of gown. Remove gown before

leaving the room. Wash hands.

3. Bed linens, towels and clothing used by the affected persons during the 4 days

prior to initiation of treatment buy permethrin online  should be placed in plastic bags inside the patient’s

room, handled by gloved and gowned laundry workers without sorting, and

laundered in hot water for at least 10 minutes. The hot cycle of the dryer should

be used for at least 10-20 minutes. Non-washable blankets and articles can be

placed in a plastic bag for 7 days, dry cleaned or tumbled in a hot dryer for 20


4. Change all bed linens, towels and clothes daily.

5. Blood pressure cuffs, walking belts, stethoscopes, etc. should be designated for

single patient use and left in the patient’s room. Discard all creams, lotions or

ointments used prior to effective treatment.

6. Upholstered furniture containing any cloth fabric should be removed from the

room and, if necessary, replaced with plastic or vinyl furniture. Mattresses must

be covered with plastic or vinyl.

7. The patient’s room should be vacuumed daily with a vacuum cleaner designated

for this room alone, followed by routine room cleaning and disinfection. The

vacuum cleaner bag should be changed daily; removal and disposal of

contaminated bags should be performed in accordance with infection control


8. The room should be terminally cleaned upon discharge or upon transfer of the

patient from the room.

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